Residential Inspections

Residential Inspections: Peace of Mind for Anything Life Brings

In this article, we’ll teach you what our high quality home inspections for buyers and sellers can do for you. Most families work hard to maintain a positive environment. From the health and happiness of their kids and partner to the tidiness of the lawn and the cleanliness of the carpets, it’s important to take pride in the house you call home and feel good about living there.

And while the majority of well-intentioned families do all they can to ensure their house is in great condition, there are certain things the average, untrained eye just cannot identify. That’s where the beneficial services of a well-respected, highly-skilled company like Fine Comb Home Inspections come into play. Whether it is pre-purchase inspectionpre-listing, or maybe you just need a check up, we have you covered.

Whether it is a

No matter the reason for your inquiry into the state of your property, a residential inspection has amazing benefits that can save you and your family lots of time, large sums of money, and future frustration when issues could appear. While it may be obvious that this service is a positive choice when a person is engaging in any real estate transaction, it also is a great preventative choice that can identify and remedy problems before they become much worse. We provides essential services that people at any stage can benefit from.

What We Can Do for Your Family

Even our most basic inspections are comprehensive in nature, and we ensure that you feel confident in the quality and thoroughness of your residential inspection. Here are some of the key aspects of our services.

  • Analyzing the structural components of the residence, like the visible foundation and framing elements, to ensure it is well-supported.
  • Examining exterior features such as railings, siding, decks and balconies. This examination can help determine potential problems with exterior decay and damage that the previous owner may not have noticed.
  • Checking interior features, like walls, ceilings, windows, floors, stairs, and doors. This practice is an essential part of any inspection and can help clients determine what types of repairs are necessary for safety vs image.
  • Viewing any accessible electrical components of the residence, such as breakers and service panels, to determine that they are functioning safely and correctly.
  • Examining attic spaces or unfinished areas to verify if insulation and ventilation is done properly.
  • Analyzing other visible elements such as heating and cooling components.
  • Checking the integrity of the visible roofing system to ensure the residence can stand up to moderate weather forces.

We offer these services and more to our clients, and we modify our priorities based on the specific concerns and needs of each individual person we have the opportunity to serve.

Trained to See the Things You Can’t

With a highly-skilled team of residential inspectors, our company has the tools, dedication, and know-how to inspect your home or any residence. Our inspections will give you a comprehensive overview of the structural integrity, interior and exterior well being, and general safety of the property. When it comes to your home, knowledge truly is power, and Fine Home Comb Inspections can give that power back to you.

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