Pre-Purchase Inspection: Services and Benefits

During a move, people work diligently to find the perfect home for themselves and their beloved families. Spending hours poring over the internet or making phone calls, driving around prospective neighborhoods, or even working with a real estate agent can be an exhausting process to go through. So when you find that seemingly perfect house that checks all the boxes on your list, don’t you want to be as certain as possible that the decision you’re making is the right one?

Before signing any of that paperwork, it’s a smart idea to contact a company like us for a pre-purchase residential inspection of your future dwelling.

Why Choose a Pre-Purchase Inspection?

When a family falls in love with a property, it’s a wonderful thing. But before the kids litter the halls with toys and the family dog finds his favorite spot to curl up on the floor, it’s important to know that the house is truly safe and has structural integrity.

Additionally, even if the previous owners took exquisite care of the property, there is still a high likelihood that some damages to the house may have occurred over time. And while we cannot dig through each invisible inch of the house, there are tons of potential issues or markings of damage that can be spotted with a well-trained eye that you may have missed while viewing the place. For this reason, it’s a great idea to have a company like us examine the state of the house. The information gleaned from such an experience gives the potential owner a chance to think through the monetary commitment required to repair necessary damages or even rethink their decision if the situation is that severe.

And probably most significantly, this type of pre-purchase service gives the buyer leverage and knowledge to enter into re-negotiations with the previous owner, especially in a situation where a pre-listing inspection was never completed. If extensive damages to the house have been uncovered after an examination—especially when those damages were known but not disclosed to interested parties—it’s likely that the cost to repair major and minor damages will be taken into consideration. So not only are you ensuring that your home is as sturdy and safe as possible for your family, but by choosing a pre-purchase inspection, you are solidifying your shot at getting an even better deal on a house that you love.

Our Pre-Purchase Services

We encourage a pre-purchase inspection because we want our clients to feel confident in the safety of their family while in their house. Our pre-purchase inspections include:

  • Assessing the structural components, including foundation and framing.
  • Inspecting exterior features, such as decks, balconies, railings, siding, driveways, roofs, etc.
  • Looking over interior features, including ceilings, windows, walls, floors, stairs, doors, and more.
  • Ensuring electrical components, such as breakers and service panels, are in proper order.
  • Examining attic spaces or unfinished areas to check for insulation and ventilation
  • And more!

Inspect Now, No Surprises Later

When it comes to buying a home, our belief is wholeheartedly that the more you know, the happier you’ll be when all is said and done. No one wants to begin building a life somewhere only to realize there are various damages down the line. Not only do those costs add up that could have been factored into the original negotiations, but certain damages can pose safety concerns for your loved ones. When you put your trust in us for your pre-purchase inspection, you can rest easy with utmost confidence in your new home.

Areas served:

  • San Antonio
  • Brexar County and surrounding counties. Call us today!

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