Hold the Power with a Pre-Listing Inspection

Whether a family is upgrading to a new home because of a child, moving across the country for a new career opportunity, or just looking for a change in scene, there is a lot of work that goes into selling a home. Often sellers in one negotiation are also buyers in another, and their plates can be pretty full. So when it’s time to move on from one place to another, sellers usually have enough to worry about without sorting through every potential damage their property has faced in their time living there. That’s where a pre-listing inspection, like the ones we offer at Fine Comb Home Inspections, comes into play, and they can make a world of difference for the seller.

Choose a Pre-Listing Check Up to Seal the Deal

If you’re selling your home and moving somewhere else, we know you’ve got enough to deal with on your own already. You want to make sure the house is in as great condition as you can, because this will give you better leverage in negotiations with a buyer. But no matter how intuitive and proactive a homeowner may be, there are just some things untrained eyes won’t notice. When you hire a professional inspector to assess your house before you put it on the market, you can save yourself time, frustration, and money. Let’s look at a few of the major reasons to choose this service and how they can benefit the seller.

The main reason sellers often choose a pre-listing inspection is because it can save them money. While knowledge of damages to your property can be a little scary, it’s often better to make repairs to your home before listing. While this is an extra expense now, it can save you money down the line in negotiations. That’s because if a buyer chooses to do an inspection themselves, damages will likely cause them to ask for a price reduction or assistance with the cost of repair. It’s better to have the upper hand in monetary negotiations, and knowing what to repair or what damages could be noticed by the buyer is the key component.

Another beneficial reason to choose this service is because it can lead to a faster close. If potential buyers see that the current owner took the time and had the confidence in their property to have a pre-listing inspection done, it signals that the seller is trustworthy and cares about the safety and integrity of the house. This makes a home highly-competitive and can give the buyer a boost to jump on the offer while it stands. Not only does this give you the power in any negotiations, but you may also seal the deal more quickly and can get on with your life.

Let Us Work for You

Choosing to wait until a buyer hires their own inspector could reveal some nasty secrets and even cause the deal to fall through entirely. Don’t risk it. Fine Comb Home Inspections offers great pre-listing services at competitive prices and is excited and ready to help you get the price you want for your home.

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